The rices

I risotti

Rice is one of the most common food in the Italian cuisine. Our preference for this product comes from its own nutritional properties and versatility. Each grain of rice is able to intensify even the most varied ingredients, so as to give the simplest dish a unique taste, too.
Our risottos aim to the rediscover of our traditional flavors, by combining the traditional taste with the most contemporary inventiveness.Our best risotto recipes:

  • risotto with pumpkin and the Amarone wine;;
  • risotto with prawns and bacon fat;
  • risotto with radicchio rosso (i.e., red chicory) of Treviso and the Valdobbiadene wine;
  • risotto with truffles;
  • risotto alla pescatora (i.e., with various "fished" seafood);
  • risotto alla parmigiana (i.e., with Parmesan cheese and eighteen-month-aged Parma ham).

  • out menu in June, July and August