The fish

pesce Fucina

Both cooked and raw fish is a dish really hard to prepare.
The real challenge in cooking fish is to succeed in preserving and transmitting the authentic original flavors.
What we are looking for with our dishes is just this: conveying, through the freshest ingredients, a unique and fascinating experience of flavor.

Raw seafood (crudités): we're back again with our dates about raw seafood (crudités).
Raw fish preserves the precious Omega-3 fatty acids completely and retains its own nutritional qualities at its best.
Before being consumed without any risk, raw fish has to be fast lowered in temperature, that is to say left for at least twenty-four hours in a super freezer, a so-called "blast chiller", which can reach -20°C.

Our raw seafood (crudités) is:

  • "Nudo & crudo" (i.e.,"naked and raw") (tartar irish beef, tuna, salmon, sea bream, oyster, seafood)
  • "Three-in-one" dish of hand-cut raw salmon, tuna and gilthead sea bream with soy bean sprouts;
  • Raw seafood (crudités) of oysters and scampi;
  • Tartare tuna, salmon, Sicilian prawn (called "mazzancolla")  with vegetables
  • Plateau Royale (prawns, oysters, sea-food of the day, lobster, mantis shrimp, bulots, salmon and tuna, with vegetables)