Restaurant Pizzeria

restaurant pizzeria

A business lunch, a dinner with friends or a special moment surrounded by a simple and cozy atmosphere: this is Fucina. A place where the tradition of the Italian cuisine finds its energy again thanks to both the experience and the creativity achieved over several years of work by our staff.

Between simple and sophisticated dishes, the scrupulous selection of raw materials makes our creations always unique.
Among the various suggestions, a special attention is given to our risottos, such as the risotto with pumpkin and the Amarone wine, with prawns and bacon fat.
Our cuisine offers also a great variety of fresh fish-based dishes ─ both raw and cooked fish ─ by enhancing the flavors and properties of the raw materials in the interpretation of the dish.

The search of the quality and the proper expression of each dish is even more enhanced by its combination with a typical wine from our tradition, which is chosen by paying a special attention among the most important wineries in the area.

In addition, we offer a wide selection of pizzas, marked by dainty and composite ingredients. These combinations of flavor, along with the homemade fresh dough and the traditional baking in a wood-fired oven, give our pizzas a taste and a flavor you won't forget so easily.