Our salads

salads Fucina

callas (potatoes, tomatoes, octopus, ink-fish, oregano, capers from Scauri, feta cheese, Greek olives)

bella otero (green salad, endive salad, head cabbage, champignon mushrooms, prawn tails, fresh tomino cheese)

eleonora duse (green salad, carrots, buffalo mozzarella, tomatoes, shrimps, cocktail sauce)

nizzarda (tuna, potatoes, onions, green salad, tomatoes, anchovies, eggs, olives)

gaultier (fennel, arugula/rocket salad, shavings of Grana Padano cheese, eighteen-month-aged Parma ham, Brie cheese)

mogador (green salad, carrots, small mozzarellas, champignon mushrooms, shavings of Grana Padano cheese, shrimps)

fucina - available only for dinner - (grilled chicken, green salad, fennel, pineapple, chives, Asiago cheese)

Altair (green salad, sprouts, julienned zucchini, tofu, finally seasoned with soy sauce)